Bride Slammed For Asking Strangers To Fund Wedding Through PayPal

by : Daniel Richardson on : 15 Jun 2021 12:54
Bride Slammed For Asking Strangers To Fund Wedding Through PayPalPexels/barkingwicket/Reddit

A bride has been blasted online as ‘tacky’ for asking strangers to fund her wedding through her PayPal. 

Weddings can be incredibly expensive, and it is not unusual for couples to ask for financial support or gifts that help pay for the occasion. Despite this common practice, some have labelled a unique method of raising money as ‘trashy’.


The Reddit group r/weddingshaming, which brings to light some people’s more unusual wedding ideas, saw a post about a Bachelorette party car that asked for PayPal donations from strangers. Safe to say, the group had plenty of thoughts about the donation request.

Bachelorette PayPal (Reddit / r/weddingshaming)barkingwicket/weddingshaming/Reddit

The car simply left the PayPal details of the wife-to-be so passersby could support their big day. However, people on the Reddit group gave a harsh assessment; one person noted that they saw the vehicle twice over two days and ‘thought it was super tacky.’

Others felt the car was symptomatic of greater issues surrounding weddings. One person wrote that people don’t care about weddings as much as the individuals involved do, adding that people shouldn’t feel obliged to care and scathingly noted, ‘Find something else to put your self-esteem into that isn’t just an expensive party with you at the centre. Getting married is not an achievement.’


Nonetheless, others gave the bride-to-be some slack:

Honestly I don’t have a problem with it. I’d hate it bc I am uncomfy asking for anything. The thing is, men will give money to women for nothing. Put your PayPal and don’t even admit to being in a relationship. Pay me for existing. I promise someone will and people are less inclined to be bitter about it.

Wedding dresses (PA Images)PA Images

Many people compared the car to Facebook posts that ask for financial support. In fact, commenters discussed how they felt about these Facebook posts in general.


People have been taking to social media to ask for contributions for everything from graduations to weddings. On the back of this, not everyone is comfortable with giving money away to strangers or without enough of a reason.

Some have said they wished they had this idea when they were out celebrating their upcoming wedding. It’s unclear whether the bride made much money from the stunt, but if she did, this may become a more common sight.

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