Bride-To-Be Moans After Fiancé Proposes With Family Heirloom Not ‘Blingy’ Ring She Asked For

by : Emily Brown on : 17 Jan 2019 14:12

A bride-to-be is being called ‘ungrateful’ after complaining her fiancé proposed with a family heirloom, rather than the ‘blingy’ ring she’d specifically requested. 


I’m not engaged, so I can’t know for sure, but I’d assume if someone loves you and is giving you a piece of jewellery worth thousands of pounds, you shouldn’t really have much to complain about.

While everyone has their personal preference, I think an engagement ring should really be more about what it represents than what it looks like – but one woman obviously didn’t quite feel that way, and took to the internet to complain about the ring she’d been given.


Sharing her story on the online forum WeddingBee, the bride-to-be explained how she’d always wanted a large yellow diamond ring, set on yellow gold.


She’d apparently described to her boyfriend exactly what kind of ring she hoped to get, adding she was a fan of ‘really blingy looks’.

The post read:

I got engaged a couple weeks ago to my boyfriend of 10 years. A few months ago my boyfriend asked me to send him photos of the ring styles I liked and I told him exactly what I wanted.

His mother called me later and told me that she always wanted a yellow diamond as well but that they don’t have a yellow diamond in the family.

Apparently she wanted me to have his grandmother’s ring and he was just gonna take the diamond and change the setting. After they kept insisting I sent him a photo of a 2 ct diamond with a halo and pave band. I like really blingy looks. [sic]

Despite the writer’s best efforts in influencing her boyfriend’s choice of engagement ring, the man still decided to propose with the family diamond.

While it certainly looks like it should fit the ‘blingy’ criteria, his girlfriend still wasn’t impressed.

Check out the ring:

Finance complains family heirloom ringFinance complains family heirloom ringWeddingBee

The bride-to-be went on to express her disappointment in the piece of jewellery, and dropped in a dig at the proposal while she was at it.

Her post continued:

Well he finally proposed on January 3rd. The proposal wasn’t spectacular either. The ring he gave him is with his grandmother’s diamond which I didn’t want and I’m suppose to pass it down to our future children. [sic]

At first I liked the ring. I was just excited to be engaged but the more days that go by the more I hate it. I don’t know what to do.

I’m upset because it’s not what I always wanted and I waited so long for a proposal. Does anyone know how I can talk to him about it?

Rather than the helpful advice she was probably hoping for, the woman’s post was met with quite a few criticisms from people who judged her for ‘hating’ the ring.

One user commented:

That’s a big blingy ring. You sound extremely ungrateful. Hate is such a strong word. That’s his grandmothers ring that you say you hate. How disrespectful. [sic]

While another added:

you sound like a brat. That ring is extremely “blingy”… like it is so blingy I actually wouldn’t wear it. [sic]

Wedding bride and groomWedding bride and groomPixabay

However some other WeddingBee users stuck up for the woman, stating she deserved to like the ring she’d be wearing for the rest of her life.


One supportive person commented:

It is an extremely special piece of jewellery that you’ll be wearing every day so it is important that you feel good about it.

Whether you should speak to your partner about it really depends on just how much it is bugging you.

I wonder if she’ll ever say anything to him?

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