Brilliant Voicemail Hack To Use If You Ever Get Lost

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Social media users are praising a ‘voicemail hack’ which could help prevent you from getting lost in a remote location. 

There are a lot of safety aspects to take into account when heading off on a hike or camping trip in the wilderness, including making sure you have the right supplies for the journey, enough food and water, and knowledge of the area to help prevent getting lost.


It’s always a good idea to share your plans with others before setting off on your own or even in a group, ensuring there will be someone who can raise alarm bells and direct a search if something goes awry, but the voicemail hack may help provide a more recent insight into your journey if you find yourself in need of help.

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The ‘hack’ involves using your voicemail to provide details of your whereabouts if your phone has no signal or is low on battery and at risk of dying. Writing on the platform this week, Twitter user Pete Eriksen suggested changing your voicemail message to give ‘your approximate location, date, time, and details of your situation and your plans.’

He explained: ‘If your phone dies, people trying to reach you will have a place to start looking.’


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Similar advice has also been shared on Instagram, where a post shared by jewellery company Topple and Burn noted that providing details about your situation on your voicemail ‘very well may save your life’. The post also advised offering the listener ‘special instructions such as you are staying with the vehicle, you are walking towards a town, etc.’

It continues: ‘The best part of this is that even if your cell phone dies or stops working, voicemail still works, so anyone calling your phone looking for you will hear the message and know where to find you or where to send help’.

Hiking advice for if you get lost (@toppleandburn/Instagram)@toppleandburn/Instagram

One social media user described the advice as ‘the smartest thing I’ve seen on Twitter in a while’, while others also recommended calling 911 or trying to send text messages.

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