Britain’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer Star Reveals Traumatic Past


Britain’s Got Talent golden buzzer winner Kyle Tomlinson has revealed how he was tortured by bullies at school.

It’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between someone turning on the water works and an actual traumatic event on reality TV shows these days, but this guy’s story is really upsetting.

Kyle – who is only 15 – got through to the next stage of the competition, after judge David Walliams enjoyed his performance so much, he hit his golden buzzer.


The teen was so overwhelmed by the panel’s praise, he broke down in tears, as his proud parents ran on to comfort him.

Unfortunately though, it hasn’t always been smiles and celebrations for Kyle, as he carries with him the hurt and agony of being bullied for trying to go for his dreams.

The teenager – who was rejected on the show two years ago – revealed the extent to which cruel bullies tormented him over his size and his hopes for a singing career.


He said to the Daily Star:

I’m a big lad so I’ve always been bullied in school. People picked on me for singing and said I was rubbish. They took the mick out of me and took advantage.

I once got smashed across the face with a metal scooter. But, you know, that’s life – sometimes you have to literally take it on chin.

Still, despite all this, Kyle picked himself up and faced the judges once more on the hugely successful talent show, wowing Walliams and bagging himself a golden ticket to the semi-finals.

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Two years ago – when he was only 13 – the aspiring singer first had a crack at winning over the judges, but sadly to no avail, with David even recommending him getting some singing lessons.

But after his grandparents came to the rescue – coughing up £2,000 for his vocal tuition – Kyle is one huge step closer to reaching his goals.

This time round, the teenager went for a moving version of Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah, earning him a standing ovation from the audience and admiration from the judges.


Alesha said:

Kyle! You stood up there and put your heart and soul on the line and we all felt it. We were all there with you. That was brilliant.

Simon was obviously so impressed by the young guy’s sterling performance, he even offered up some words of encouragement.

He added:

This just shows you, Kyle, when someone grinds you down and says ‘you’re not good enough’ – you come back and look them in the eye and you go ‘I am good enough.’

After David turned him down two years ago, it was clear Kyle wanted to show him what he was made of and it was clear he did just that.

David exclaimed:

I thought it was really good! Well done. And you know what? You sang with real passion. And that’s what it’s all about.

Well done, Kyle. It was a really, really moving performance. And I’m really glad you came back and proved me wrong.


Kyle should be really pleased with himself for standing up there for the second time and putting himself on the line in front of the judges and the audience’s critical eye.

Even though it’s awful what he’s been through, hopefully now he will have the courage to stand tall and not let any jealous bullies drag him down.

No-one should have to suffer in silence though, for help and advice on bullying, visit: DitchTheLabel.