Britain’s Worst Toilet Discovered By Locksmith Breaking Into Squatters’ Staffordshire Den

by : Lucy Connolly on : 21 Feb 2020 19:00

Warning: Graphic Images

Britain’s Worst Toilet Discovered By Locksmith Breaking Into Squatters’ Staffordshire DenSWNS

Before you start reading this article, I need to make a disclaimer to you all. In fact, I need to apologise for what you’re about to see.


I know a manky toilet is the last thing you want to see when the weekend has just started, especially when you’re probably in the midst of a well-deserved night out or enjoying a takeaway with all the trimmings.

Trust me, it’s the last thing I wanted to see too. But because I suffered through it, you lot do too and so I apologise again, but this is happening. Enter: Britain’s worst toilet.

friends sick gifWarner Bros.

A locksmith discovered the disgusting toilet after breaking into a house in Stoke-on-Trent, ‎Staffordshire, that was inhabited by squatters.


Rio Beardmore, 48, unearthed the toilet after being asked to force his way inside the property – which was owned by a friend – after the occupiers refused to answer the door.

The 48-year-old said a number of people had been squatting inside the building for a while and had let it fall into a state of disrepair.

However, the room that had been left in the worst state was most definitely the toilet, with Beardmore taking a picture of the horrifying sight to prove how bad it really was.

If you don’t want to see it, look away now:

Britain's worst toiletSWNS

In the picture, mounds of faeces can be seen bulging from the toilet and spilling over onto the floor, which is littered with rubbish. The poo also appears to have landed on an array of discarded clothes and packages.

The locksmith said:

It stank – and I got bitten on the face by a bug. There must be something living in there. I’ve been doing this job for years – I thought I’d seen it all. It was the worst. The room was covered in sh*t.

It was a baking hot day, around six months ago. This young copper walked into the house and asked if everything was secure. I said: ‘There’s something you need to check in the bathroom’. He walked in and shouted: ‘You b*stard!’


Many have compared the nauseating photo to the infamous toilet scene in the 1996 film Trainspotting, in which the heroin addict protagonist played by Ewan McGregor searches for his lost drugs in ‘the worst toilet in Scotland’, which is filled with diarrhoea.

trainspotting toiletPolyGram Filmed Entertainment

The squatters were eventually thrown out of the property and the locks were changed, but not before poor Beardmore had to witness the horrifying scene in real life.

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