British Accent Voted The ‘Sexiest In The World’


Of all the accents in the world, it has officially been decided that the British accent is the sexiest.

That’s right, women just can’t resist the dulcet tones of us British folks, according to a new survey. surveyed members of the site to finally determine which is the sexiest accent in the world.

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1,400 women revealed the accent which tops them all is the good old British one, and with the likes of Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, Kate Beckinsale and many more, it’s not hard to see why.

Move a bit further up North to Scotland, and you’ll be in the land of the second sexiest accent – sorry Scotland.

Making up the top five were the passionate Spaniards, the laid-back Aussies and the long Southern drawl.

On the other side, men have revealed that the Israeli accent is the most desirable, followed by Colombian women, Aussies, French and a South American accent.


Brandon Wade, CEO and founder of, said:

Accents have a tendency of taking our minds to unknown and exotic places, adding a touch of mystery and intrigue to the speaker.

As Americans we often associate British accents with intelligence and class, both desirable qualities for a mate.

While Israeli accents conjure up images of the Mediterranean.


The site had previously conducted a study to look for the sexiest nationalities in the world. According to that poll of more than 90,000 singles, American women are the sexiest people in the world.

The American influence has clearly spread far and wide, with the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift having an effect on men around the world.

The silver medal went to Armenian women, likely stemming from the Kardashian effect.

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In terms of men, the most desirable nationality was Canadian, with English blokes actually ranking a measly ninth.

At least our accents are great though.