British People Hide Their True Feelings ‘Up To 11 Times A Week’

Karl Pilkington and his alter-egoSky

Many would claim that being polite is a fundamental part of being British.

That seems to have been confirmed by a study which has found we Brits will sugar-coat how we feel up to 11 times a week.

Experts found rather than risk a Peep Show-style awkward showdown, nine in 10 err on the side of manners and hold their tongue rather than speak their minds.

The study also found that 49 per cent of Brits feel they have an ‘inner voice’ which guides them when it comes to making decisions in their life, which is slightly alarming if you’ve ever watched Dexter.

It’s OK though, because 77 per cent of those think their inner voice generally guides them in the right direction. How reassuring.

The study was commissioned by Sky to mark the launch of its new Sky One comedy series Sick of It. Karl Pilkington stars in the series in which his closest mate is his uncensored alter ego.

A spokesperson said:

It is common to feel conflict when it comes to saying what your inner voice implores you to say, versus what polite society deems acceptable.”

And while most Brits recognise this voice inside them, guiding them and telling them the best things to do in times of tough decisions, sometimes we have to think of better ways to navigate life than in a purely honest fashion.

However, good old-fashioned British emotional suppresion can’t keep us down all the time. The average Brit reckons they speak their mind without thinking three times a month, with a third of those finding themselves in hot water after speaking their mind too frankly.

As ever, alcohol is our friend in this situation, with 19 per cent feeling their inner voice strains to get out after a bit of liquid courage.

Office meetingPixabay

Close to half of Brits, 47 per cent to be exact, admit to regularly putting on a front for other people to disguise how they’re really feeling.

Two in five are certain they have hurt someone’s feelings with their brutal honesty, and 49 per cent have had their own feelings hurt by someone else’s lack-of-filter. We can dish it out, but we just can’t take it.

Though one in eight Brits said they rarely or never tell people how they truly feel, according to the study conducted by

Thankfully most of us have someone to vent to when we need to speak our minds.

The average Brit reckons they have four people in their lives who they can speak their mind to with impunity.

Top Ten Situations When Brits ‘Sugar-Coat’ Their Emotions

1. When someone asks you their opinion on their cooking
2. When a friend asks you your opinion on their outfit
3. When your partner asks you about their appearance
4. When your friend shows you a photo of their baby
5. When there is something wrong with your food at a restaurant
6. When customer services keep you on hold for ages
7. When your partner is being critical of you in some way
8. When someone makes you a sub-par cup of tea or coffee
9. When a baby is crying on public transport or a restaurant
10. When a colleague gives you an unreasonable request

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