British Tourist Downs 30 Shots Of Sambuca In One Minute

tourist does 30 sambuca shotsPlayers Sports Bar and Grill/Facebook

If there’s one thing Brits are supposedly good at, (well they get the reputation for it), it’s drinking, and one British tourist showed off his alcohol-guzzling skills by downing 30 shots of Sambuca in one minute. 

While most of us can handle one or two shots on a night out, 30 in one minute is pretty hardcore – I can’t figure out it fit’s impressive or stupid?

And the reason the man was so driven to slam down a glass every two seconds – it was for a contest, of course.

The competition was held by Players Sports Bar And Grill, which holiday-maker Chris McAdam took part in while he was away with mates in Zante, Greece.

Check out the shot-master here. I feel I should warn people not to try this at home:

Chris the Legend!!!!!!!! 30 shots of Sambuca in 60 seconds

Posted by Players sports bar & grill on Sunday, 19 August 2018

You might wonder what prize would possibly be worth burning your throat and potentially throwing up? Why alcohol, obviously.

According to the 20-year-old, bar staff had told him, if he could complete the challenge, he and his friends wouldn’t have to pay their bill.

As much as the thought of downing 30 Sambuca shots makes me grimace, I can understand the benefit when you get all your drinks for free.

However, after about 15 shots (the half way point) he starts to look like he’s regretting his decision and might throw up any second.

Tourist downs sambuca shotsPlayers Bar and Grill/Facebook

Speaking to The Sun, Chris explained:

I was sick a couple of times after, but I drink Sambuca on my nights out back home in Swansea, so it’s a drink I can handle.

The barmaid said, ‘If you can do 30 Sambucas in 90 seconds you won’t have to pay the bill,’ which was 25 euros. I felt fine afterwards – I’ve felt worse at home on nights out.

The video was shared by the bar, who captioned the post: ‘Chris the Legend! 30 shots of Sambuca in 60 seconds!’

Some viewers questioned whether the video was real, and wondered whether Chris was actually shotting water, but the bar confirmed it was alcohol, writing ‘it really is sambuca not water’ [sic].

tourist downs sambuca shotsPlayers Bar and Grill/Facebook

The manager of the bar added Chris was the first to complete their challenge.

She said:

No one has done our challenge with Sambuca before. I kept him for three hours in the bar to make sure he was OK.

He’s an adult and can ask for what he wants. We can’t force him to do it.

I hope 25 euros worth of drinks was worth it Chris.

Always drink responsibly!

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