Brits Are All ‘Millionaires’, Reveals Study


A study has revealed the average worker in the UK will earn more than £1.1 million in wages during their lifetime.

The research which was commissioned by online casino Casumo studied the earnings of 2,000 people revealing they typically bank £1,123,164 in pay over an average 48-year-long working career.

The study also found out the average worker earns £23,399.25 with workers in London bringing in the highest salary, an average of £31,217.62, while those living in the south-west earn the least each year, taking home £18,428.13.


According to the research the average male worker currently earns £27,435.55 per year, making the total £1,316,906.40 over their career.

The average female worker however earns significantly less, £19,419.07 per year, totalling up to £932,115.36 in a lifetime.

The expectations of men and women also vary with male workers thinking they could earn as much as £34,000 per year in their current career while women consider £24,000 to be an achievable wage.

Only one in five workers believe they will earn the highest wage possible in their profession.


Although three in five Brits believe their salary allows them to live comfortably, 31 per cent of those surveyed admit they are currently living from month to month on what they earn.

Many can’t rely on bonuses either as three in five get nothing on top of their contracted salary and those that do get an average payment of £306.75 per year.

If you are lucky enough to get financial support from your parents, well done you as on average they give you £547.26 per year.


Half of us will receive an inheritance pay-out from a relative or friend during our lifetime which will total £13,321 on average.

But many of us rely on other ways to boost our income including loyalty cards which the average working Brit believes are worth over £37 per year.

Also two thirds of us will try their luck on a scratch card to bring in some extra cash!

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Greg Tatton-Brown from Casumo said:

For most workers in the UK, millionaire status is just about in reach, at least as far as income is concerned.

When we are working, grafting for our wages on a monthly basis, it’s rare we take a step back to look at the big picture.

It’s something of a relief to see the majority of workers believe their wage allows them to live comfortably.

This research has detailed the journey we take from humble beginnings at our first job to the peak of our earning powers, and it has been reassuring to find that, somewhere in between, workers are able to fund the lives they want.


Here are the average salary earnings per year by region:

London – £31,217.62
East Midlands – £24,714.79
South East – £24,262.84
Northern Ireland – £ 24,167.17
North West – £23,273.23
Scotland – £23,159.59
North East – £22,866.49
Yorkshire and the Humber – £21,237.35
Wales – £21,004.60
East Anglia – £20,790.98
West Midlands – £19,666.37
South West – £18,428.13