Brits Believe They Deserve £5,000 More On Their Salary

by : UNILAD on : 13 Mar 2018 12:46

A study has revealed that Brits believe they deserve more than £5,000 on top of their current salary.


Research conducted by OnePoll has revealed the average worker believes they should have £5,321 on top of their existing salary.

Surveying 2,000 full-time British workers, the majority of employees believe they should earn more due to working hard and wanting recognition for this.


Three in 10 though believe they should have a pay rise because it is long overdue after not having a review for a while.


Others meanwhile think they should earn more because they either work weekends, have many qualifications or get praise from their colleagues.

Overwhelming out of all those surveyed, seven in 10 said they feel they are unpaid and therefore deserve a bigger pay cheque.


Louise Harper-King, a spokeswoman for OnePoll, said:

Most people treat the topic of salary and wages as a bit of a taboo, but it’s important to get recognised for the work you do.

We weren’t surprised by the results, with many employees feeling undervalued and under-appreciated.

The research also discovered that the average full-time worker does nearly six hours of overtime a week with more than a quarter of these believing they should get paid for these extra hours.


According to the study, many employees feel they are missing out on holidays, spending time with their friends and family and on having a nicer home due to being underpaid.


Some Brits are therefore finding ways to cut costs including have a shower at the office to save on bills and re-using teabags.

One in five also admitted they borrow money from family and friends in times of need.


Other workers said they pick up extra odd jobs to get by or re-mortgage their home.

The study did reveal a gender pay gap when it comes to the amount Brits think they deserve in a pay rise.

While the average man believes he is worthy of a £5,783 increase, women think they are deserving of just £4,833 on top of their salary.

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When it comes to what Brits will do with the extra cash, most people will put the money away into their savings.

Meanwhile others say they would spend more on their weekly shop to get nicer food.

Half would splash the cash on new furniture while others would even spoil themselves by getting a nanny for their kids.


The study showed that on average employees across the UK haven’t seen a pay increase in the last year but only one quarter have actually asked for one.

And when they did ask, nearly one third didn’t get the number they wanted.

Just under one in four British workers also confessed to lying about their current salary at a job interview in order to bay a bigger cheque.

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