Brits Hit Back At American Girl Who Went On Anti-Britain Twitter Rant



Brits have hit back hard after an American teenager decided to pick a fight with the whole of Britain in a bizarre Twitter rant earlier this week.

In a stream of ridiculous tweets, 16-year-old Madi, questioned everything about us from our pale complexions to our spelling – seriously, our spelling? – to our beloved scones.

Her account was quickly made private, but fortunately we managed get a few  screen grabs of her questionable observations, and here are a couple of ‘the best’…


But don’t worry, the Brits of Twitter didn’t take this abuse of our fine culture lying down.

And because nobody mocks us – especially a sixteen-year-old scone shamer – Brits have now responded with the #WeirdThingsAmericansDo hashtag:

Although, I do have to hand it to them – douchebag is an awesome insult.

Such an amazingly good point.

It’s probably best we don’t jump on them too fast for that one, with Boris Johnson lurking in the shadows…