Brits Reveal The Best Date To Have Your Birthday

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It’s official – the best day to have a birthday is June  15, according to Brits.

A poll of 2,000 adults revealed the days we would most – and least – like to be born on.

Unsurprisingly, a January birthday is considered one of the worst times in the calendar to emerge into the world – maybe because of its proximity to the birthday of Jesus himself?

One in seven said they’d like their birthday to fall on the summer solstice – June 21, which is the longest day of the year.

Christmas Day was voted the worst day of the year for your big day to land, followed by a ‘leap year day’ on February 29.

The research was undertaken by Dr. Oetker to celebrate the forgotten birthdays of Leaplings – a minority of Brits who only officially celebrate their birthday once every four years because they were born on February 29, a date which only occurs during leap years.

The disadvantages of being born on February 29 are, according to the poll, not knowing what day to celebrate on (48 per cent), tiring of jokes about their unusual birthday (32 per cent), and missing out on cake (11 per cent).

Dr. Oetker spokesperson Emma Haworth said:

Most of us take for granted our birthdays happen every year, but what happens to the people born on 29th February?

While they still have another year to wait to celebrate their birthday, we want to make 2019 their year.

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Despite missing out on their birthday this year, next year Leaplings will celebrate their special day on a Saturday, which was selected as the best day of the week to have a birthday.

More than half of the population still hope to receive a cake on their special day every year, though 47 per cent will find themselves having to go without.

Over one in six say they like to bake a cake from scratch to make the recipient feel special on their big day.

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Meanwhile, 20 per cent of bakers admit to baking birthday cakes because they taste better than ones bought from a shop.

Ms Haworth added:

The act of baking itself stirs up powerful feelings of happiness and excitement, from the thrill of weighing out ingredients to the first triumphant forkful.

That’s why Dr.Oetker is encouraging people to bake someone’s birthday cake.

Seventy one per cent of Brits believe they’re never too old for homemade birthday cake and candles.

Six in 10 Brits believe homemade cakes taste better than shop-bought, and they’re also more likely to bake one for a friend or relative than buy one.

Proving we’re a nation of chocolate lovers, a chocolate cake was deemed the best birthday cake flavour.

This was closely followed by a classic Victoria sponge, then a lemon drizzle, and finally a decadent chocolate fudge, according to the OnePoll research.

Eighty four per cent insist on having candles on top of their cake, though 25 per cent won’t make a wish when they blow them out.

The best thing about birthdays is being surrounded by friends and family, followed by loads of presents and home baked birthday cake.

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To celebrate, Dr. Oetker have gifted 29 three-tiered cakes to mark their ‘three quarter-birthday’ to 29 Leaplings, including the UK’s first set of Leapling triplets, India, Savannah and Alicia Philips from Wolverhampton.

Dancer, India Philips, who’s about to turn 19 said:

I love homemade birthday cakes because it shows that someone has put a lot of thought and care into your birthday to make your day extra special.

Student Savannah Phillips said:

I love being a triplet but sometimes we do have to share a birthday cake. I was so happy when my cake arrived. It made my special day even more special.

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