Brits Reveal Their Biggest Stresses


A study has revealed that us worrisome Brits spend the equivalent of 27 days a year being bothered about stresses.

Despite our hectic lives, adults across the UK are affected by what are called ‘micro-stresses’ like losing a wallet, bag or keys.

The research, commissioned by Vodafone UK, questioned 2,000 men and women about what worries them discovering that the nation spends just under two hours every day feeling stressed.


Nearly two thirds of those surveyed pinned this pressure on the demands of everyday life while 38 per cent said it was due to a lack of time.

Astonishingly adults will stress a total of 3,676 times a year with six in 10 believing that these ‘micro-stresses’ are having an impact on their wellbeing.

Dr David Lewis, one of the UK’s leading psychologists for MindLab International, has warned that these stresses can have a cumulative affect over time:

While these individual stresses may not significantly affect an individual’s physical or psychological performance, a build-up of ‘micro-stresses’ can affect a person’s well-being.


The study also revealed what things stress us out the most with losing a wallet naturally coming out on top.

A pet going missing, losing a bank card, leaving a bag on public transport and breaking down in a car also featured highly in the list.

Losing things was a common theme with three in every four adults agreeing that it caused them to be stressed with one third revealing they lose stuff because they are always rushing around.


Just under one in five admitted they misplaced items because they are disorganised with 27 per cent confessing they are forgetful.

In fact the average adult will lose six items each month spending a total of one hour and 48 minutes hunting down their lost belongings.

I can guarantee you the items will always be in the last place you look too!


Here is the list of the top 20 stresses for Brits:

  1. Losing a wallet
  2. Losing a job
  3. Leaving a bag or belongings on public transport
  4. Losing a phone
  5. Losing a bank card
  6. A pet going missing
  7. Breaking down in a car
  8. Missing a flight/train/bus
  9. Forgetting to lock the back or front door
  10. Losing keys
  11. Having an argument with a partner
  12. Moving home
  13. Being on time for things/not being late
  14. Not having cash when you need it
  15. Forgetting passwords
  16. Missing an appointment
  17. Having enough money to last until the end of the month
  18. Paying off debt
  19. A partner’s health
  20. Having enough petrol to get home