Brunettes Are Better In Bed Study Finds


Brunettes make better lovers – it’s official.

If you’re a brunette like myself, you already knew this little fact, but thanks to a poll ran by extramarital site Illicit Encounters, our ego has been confirmed.

Almost six out of ten people said brunettes are better in bed, when it came to both men and women. Only 16 per cent chose blondes, followed by lovers with black and red hair.

Four out of ten surveyed said brunettes are more likely try new things in the bedroom, while fewer than half those polled also said brunettes are the most ‘sexually voracious.’

Blondes may not be best for sex but when it comes to cheating, they come up trumps. Just over half of those polled said blondes are the least faithful, followed by brunettes.


The poll didn’t just end there. It also tackled the age-old question: ‘Can you laugh someone into bed?’, report the Daily Mail.

While it’s certainly true you can laugh someone out of the bed, the opposite is also true. Nine out of ten of us said a sense of humour plays a huge part in how we choose our bed-fellows.

24 per cent of women said they’d sleep with a man who’s funny even if they didn’t find him physically attractive.

On top of this, bad dancing doesn’t mean bad intercourse. 75 per cent of women and 63 per cent of men said their best sexual partner was unforgivable on the dance floor.


Christian Grant, spokesman for IllicitEncounters, said:

There’s no doubt blonde women get more interest from men on dating sites.

But they’re not likely to make the best lovers and they need watching carefully because they could be dating someone else at the same time.

This new research from Illicit Encounters shows brunettes might be the best option if you want to have fun on a date – and a great time in the bedroom.

Are you a blonde who disagrees? Let us know.