Brutal Moment Biker Finds Man Trapped Under His Quad And Saves Him


Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time, and that couldn’t be truer in this incredible clip.

A motorcyclist became an absolute hero after managing to free a man trapped under his quad bike.

He was exploring dirt trails, reportedly on a solo ride, in Hollister Hills, California, when he suddenly spots a helmet during his ride, in the Renz Area.


After stopping, he realised a man was trapped under his quad bike after it had rolled off the trail.

His quad had rolled 270 degrees and was pinning him to the ground. The motorcyclist struggles to free the quad bike rider, and he accidentally hurts him further when he was unable to lift it fully.


However, the motorcyclist comes up with a cunning plan to use nearby logs to prop the vehicle up, and after trying another couple of small lifts the dazed driver manages to escape.

This amazing clip was uploaded to YouTube in April last year, but has just started to go viral.


Fortunately the quad biker had only been trapped for a few minutes. If it was any later, he could have been in serious trouble.

Well done to the passing biker for his quick thinking!