Buckingham Palace Responds To Rumours The Queen Is Dead

by : UNILAD on : 30 Dec 2016 11:08

With it being 2016, the year of deaths and fake news, what could be more apt than a fake BBC story saying the Queen had died, sending Twitter into a frenzy.


This comes after reports that the Queen had been suffering from a heavy cold and was unable to attend Christmas Day mass and a visit to Sandringham Palace this festive season.

Just in case we needed more confirmation that our Regina is still going strong, a Buckingham Palace spokesman said that both the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were alive and ‘continue to recover from their heavy colds’.

Twitter went into a meltdown after a spoof BBC twitter account announced her death on Thursday evening, Huffington Post reports.


As many internet users immediately took the ‘BBC’ announcement as gospel, serious embarrassment dawned as the truth came to light.

By this morning #MediaBlackout was the top trend on Twitter with people waiting for the outlets to report what had happened.

This year has brought so many celebrity deaths that the fake announcement was almost expected by many.

This guy even ran to Buckingham Palace at half six in the morning to check she was alright:


BBC reporter, Rory Cellan-Jones came to everyone’s rescue and reported the truth this morning, describing the frenzy as ‘bonkers’.


The Buckingham Palace spokesman said:

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh continue to recover from their heavy colds.

As expected, the conspiracists are fanning the flames, saying the media are now covering up her death until the new year.

We’re glad to hear she is alive and well and hope she returns to good health soon.

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