Build-A-Bear Launches Grinch Collection Starting At £5.50

Build-A-Bear Launches Grinch TeddyBuild-A-Bear

It’s only 47 days until Christmas, so it’s officially time to blast out the festive tunes, stockpile the prosecco and decorate your house with fairy lights and tinsel.

Oh, and buy presents of course. The one downside being that the shops will be filled with manic shoppers from now until the big day. Good luck!

And there’s a chance one shop in particular might be slightly more busy than others, because Build-A-Bear has launched a new Grinch collection to get in the festive spirit – just in time for the new film release on November 9 (and Christmas, of course).

That’s right – our favourite green-haired grump is now available to buy in bear form from the popular toy store, and you’d better get there quick if you don’t want them to be sold out.

The collection includes the bear, a three-piece Santa suit and a #TeamGrinch hoodie. There is also the option to buy the whole lot as a set, for those of you who want to give the ultimate gift this Christmas.

The bear itself is £19.50, with the Santa suit priced at £14. There’s also a baby grinch, which costs £10. Or, you can buy all three as a set for £43.50. Which doesn’t sound all that cheap, but when you consider how much kids toys cost these days, it’s pretty much a bargain!

You also have the option to put a sound box within the green bear, which costs £5.50. These 6-in-1 sayings sound boxes give you the opportunity to hear the Grinch’s voice every time you squeeze him. What more could you want?

Build-A-Bear’s website states:

He’s a mean one — but he’s also a cute furry friend that’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face this Christmas!

Add sounds and outfits to your plush Grinch stuffed animal to make him even more of a sly one. The Grinch might have invented the Naughty List, but he makes a perfect gift for anyone on the Nice List!

All in all, it sounds like the perfect gift just in time for Christmas! And if this isn’t enough for you, Primark has launched a Grinch themed nightwear range so you can wrap yourself up while watching the new film.

The range includes not only pyjamas, but a green and red cosy-looking onesie (complete with a Santa hat to remind you of the time he stole Christmas from the unsuspecting Who’s), as well as some snuggly slippers with his face on.

‘Siri, where’s the nearest Primark?’ No, seriously, I need that onesie ASAP.

Really, both of these ranges are the perfect idea because I don’t know a single person who doesn’t relate to the Grinch in some way.

Wallowing in self-pity, cancelling dinner plans with ourselves, and wrestling with self-loathing – who hasn’t been the Grinch at one time in their lives?

And if you know any Grinches personally, make sure to get them into a store quickly. Who knows, maybe a Christmas miracle will happen and their heart will grow three sizes?

The Grinch will be wriggling down cinema chimneys throughout the UK from November 9.

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