Builder Does Poo On Roof He Was Meant To Be Fixing

by : Lucy Connolly on : 01 Sep 2019 18:00
Builder Does Poo On Roof He Was Meant To Be FixingBuilder Does Poo On Roof He Was Meant To Be FixingMEN Media

A man was left horrified when he discovered a builder he had hired to do work on his roof had taken a poo on top of it instead.


The 38-year-old dad, who asked to remain anonymous, hired a building firm to fix a leak in his loft – but not before checking the company out thoroughly online.

However, when he decided to check the builders’ work once they had left his property in Skegness, the homeowner was disgusted to see a large pile of faeces they had left behind in their place.

Poo on roofPoo on roofMEN Media

But the horror didn’t stop there; the man claims the builders had even shoved some of the poo down his chimney before they left.


Speaking to Lincolnshire Live about the incident, the dad said:

I needed a leak in my loft fixing. I saw an advert in the local brochure – I did my checks, it appeared to be okay, so I asked them to do the work. I went up on the scaffolding and noticed the faeces.

The 38-year-old described himself as ‘a bit disgusted’ when he realised what had transpired up on his roof, noting he had told the builders he would provide toilet facilities inside his home and that they could use the kitchen when they started the work.

The man added:

They’d even shoved some down my chimney stack. It’s dreadful behaviour.

Builder poos on roof Builder poos on roof MEN Media

As though that wasn’t enough, the crapping culprit had posed for a picture while doing the disgusting deed – smiling as his pants sat around his ankles in broad daylight.

Because Skegness is a small town and the builder sent the photographic evidence to some pals shortly after he’d taken the dump (because why not), the picture didn’t remain a secret for very long.


In fact, the image soon worked its way back to the homeowner, who was able to see with his own eyes what the builder had got up to while he was supposed to be fixing his roof.

The man said:

Skegness is a very small area. He sent the photos to someone and they found their way to me. I asked the director of the company about it and showed him the photos and I felt he got very aggressive.


After refusing to pay the firm for their – quite literally – shitty job, the 38-year-old then had to hire another company to finish the job and double check that everything had been done properly.

Hopefully the next firm will take up his offer of a toilet before defecating all over his roof. Although why that was even considered as an option in the first place is a mystery to me.

The moral of the story? Don’t shit on people’s roofs.

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