Builder Falls 16ft And Impales Himself On 20 Inch Metal Rod Up His Bum

by : UNILAD on : 14 Jun 2019 17:24

Warning: Graphic Content

Builder impaled through bum after falling Builder impaled through bum after falling NC

A construction worker was left impaled on a metal pole after falling 16ft on a building site.

The worker was left clutching scaffolding while emergency workers attempted to free him from the structure, while the metal rod had become lodged inside him.

You can see him bravely waiting to be freed below:

Builder impaled through bumBuilder impaled through bumNC

The bar entered his body through his backside, and x-ray images show just how far the rod had reached within his torso.

As reported by the Daily Star, fellow workers acted quickly to ensure his safety by seeking emergency intervention.

builder x-ray after being impaled following fallbuilder x-ray after being impaled following fallNC

The unnamed worker was lucky to have avoided further damage to his body, with the metal rod only narrowly avoiding contact with his spine.

Images of the injury are wince-inducing.

You can see below how precise the point of entry appears:

builder in hospital after being impaled on steel rod after fallbuilder in hospital after being impaled on steel rod after fallNC

Horrifying- our thoughts are with the worker in the hope he makes a full recovery.


The Daily Star have not reported on the man’s current condition, or if the surgery was successful. UNILAD has sought to clarify this, but is currently awaiting response.

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