Bus Driver Kicks Off All Passengers For Refusing To Give Space To Wheelchair User


A group of inconsiderate bus passengers were kicked to the kerb by the driver after refusing to make space for a passenger in a wheelchair. 

The driver was en route in Paris when he pulled up to allow Francois Le Berre, who has multiple sclerosis, and his brother on board at Porte de Clichy station.

Francois was attempting to board the bus via the wheelchair ramp, but the other passengers made no effort to move out of the way to allow him space, leaving him stuck outside the bus.

Realising what was happening, the bus driver came up with an excellent solution to the situation and ordered everyone on board to get off the bus, shouting ‘terminus!’

He told those now on the street to wait for the next bus, which would be arriving in five minutes.

Francois and his brother boarded the then-empty bus before the driver closed the door in the faces of the other thoughtless passengers, leaving them in the dust while the two men on board enjoyed their quiet ride.

Francois shared his story with France’s edition of Huffington Post, explaining how the other bus passengers were annoyed at having to vacate the bus even before the driver abandoned them.

He said (translated by Google):

I was waiting for the bus with my brother and when he arrived, no one wanted to move despite the access ramp.

Seeing this, the driver of the RATP quickly stepped in. He got up and said, ‘Terminus, everybody’s coming down.’ People came out, some grumbling.

He waited a bit and once everyone was down and scattered, he came to see me to talk to us.

The driver told Francois ‘everyone might need a wheelchair one day’, and explained he just wanted to show some civility to the passenger.

Francois continued:

I do not know his identity, yet he told us that he had no disabled family members, but that he just needed to be a little civil.

According to the Evening Standard, buses in Paris typically have at least one wheelchair space available, and passengers are expected to give priority to wheelchair users and allow them to board the bus.

The story was posted on Twitter by Accessible Pour Tous (Accessibility For All) where it has since been shared over 5,000 times:

The bus driver has since been hailed a hero, with many Twitter users commenting their praise for the helpful man.

One pleased person wrote (translated):

Congratulations to the bus driver. Shame for the passengers.

Another added:

Wow, it does not happen that often. I hope the driver will not have a problem.

A third approving Twitter user shared similar stories to Francois’, writing:

I want to shake this bus driver’s hand. I have twice witnessed mums refusing to close their buggies so a passenger in a wheelchair can get on. They should have been kicked off too.

The bus driver was truly considerate of Francois, he’s a true hero!

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