Cadbury’s Selling Huge Easter Egg Made Of Daim Bars


Have you ever thought Easter eggs from our favourite chocolate bars are a bit of a cop out because the eggs are all the same?

Yes of course we get a packet of our favourite sweets or bars, but the festive egg itself is always just plain ol’ chocolate.

Well Cadbury’s has taken note and in response to this, they’ve created a giant Daim Easter egg which is actually made with Daim pieces in the shell.


Finally, an actual egg the same as the specific type of chocolate we want. Hopefully other chocolate bars follow suit and we can soon see Snickers, or Twix eggs.

I can imagine a dual layer caramel and biscuit egg might be pretty difficult to create though?

Yet we’ve made it to the moon so I wouldn’t rule out the next generation of Easter eggs.

Sony Pictures Entertainment

The Daim Easter eggs are currently available for £10 from Asda, and they’re being called the ‘Daim Inclusion Easter Egg’.

As well as a giant Daim ‘Inclusion’ egg, Cadbury’s have created an egg with fruit and chopped nut chocolate inside of it, which is available from Ebay.


In this fast-moving and developing world, it’s a wonder the humble Easter egg has stood still.

Time for an egg-olution if you ask me.