Café In Germany Celebrates Opening With Swimming Noodle Hats To Help Customers Social Distance

by : Julia Banim on : 15 May 2020 10:03
Café In Germany Celebrates Opening With Swimming Noodle Hats To Help Customers Social DistanceCafé In Germany Celebrates Opening With Swimming Noodle Hats To Help Customers Social DistanceCafe & Konditorei Rothe/Facebook

A café in Germany has celebrated its reopening by dishing out swimming noodle hats as a means of helping customers maintain social distancing measures.


As of late April, Germany began to gradually ease some of its lockdown restrictions, with restaurants in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern reopening their doors as of Saturday, May 9.

To mark this occasion, Café Rothe in the city of Schwerin, alongside German TV channel RTL, handed out pool noodle hats for customers to wear as a social distancing-themed gimmick.

Photographs taken in the outdoor seating area show patrons donning straw hats with two swimming pool noddles attached to the top.


Despite their unusual headgear, the customers looked fairly chilled as they sat out in the sunshine; enjoying a nice glass of wine and a chat.

Jacqueline Rothe, who owns Café Rothe, told Insider:

In these difficult times it’s a pleasure to make others smile.

People from all over the world have enjoyed the sight of these unusual – but ultimately rather practical – hats, praising Café Rothe staff for their innovation and sense of fun.

One happy customer commented:

Jacki and her team outdid each other again and this time not only with their coffee and cake. I laughed warmly and the customers who participated [..] certainly had difficulty enjoying the cake because they had to keep their belly from laughter. Great idea.

Another amused person wrote:


Imagine the chaos when all the propellers start and take off at once.

Germany lockdownGermany lockdownPA

In Germany, the majority of commercial spaces under 8,600 square feet have now been permitted to reopen, however social distancing measures and hygiene practices will still be implemented, with the government strongly recommending that citizens wear face masks.

German chancellor Angela Merkel, who is a physicist by training, has urged Germans to adhere to rules such as ‘keeping their distance, wearing mouth and nose protection and showing consideration for each other’.

Bavarian leader Markus Söder has previously stated that Germany was faring better than various other countries suffering during the pandemic, BBC News reports, as it had implemented a good strategy both at the national and regional level.

Social distancing of 1.5m (5ft) and maintaining good hygiene practices have reportedly proven key to keeping the infection rate relatively low within the country.

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