California Reporter’s Naked Husband Accidentally Appears On Live TV

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 20 Apr 2020 12:46
California Reporter's Naked Husband Accidentally Appears On Live TVKCRA 3/NBC

A TV reporter’s husband accidentally appeared in the background of a news segment, revealing much more than just the news.

Working from home was always going to have its difficulties, but this major faux pas could have definitely been avoided.


Melinda Meza, a correspondent for KCRA 3 in Sacramento, California, was reporting on how to cut your own hair at home in her bathroom, and seemingly hadn’t realised she wasn’t the only one in view.

While reporting on DIY haircuts during isolation, viewers noticed Meza’s husband in the shower behind her, revealing an eyeful more than just tips on cutting your own hair.

You can see the awkward moment for yourself here:



I mean, why you would get a shower while your wife was filming, or film in the room your husband was showering, is beyond me.

The moment seemed to initially go unnoticed by reporters back in the studio, who said Melinda was ‘brave’ for trimming her own hair. However, I think we all know who was the brave one was in the Meza household…

Naturally, the live TV blunder was swiftly spotted by many on social media. As one person wrote: ‘Someone’s boutta get in trouble over at KCRA 3.’

TV Reporter's Naked Husband Accidentally Appears On Live TV@dryan90/Twitter
TV Reporter's Naked Husband Accidentally Appears On Live TV@PortPowerAZ/Twitter
TV Reporter's Naked Husband Accidentally Appears On Live TV@JarvisFolk/Twitter

Another reporter working from home had a less X-rated interruption when his needy cat kept demanding his attention.

14 News presenter Jeff Lyon was reporting on the weather when his cat Betty interrupted his broadcast.


After picking Betty up, Jeff continued to hold his furry friend for the rest of the broadcast.

Her appearance took the world by storm – no pun intended – and the video went viral with thousands of views and shares.

In response to her newfound fame, Jeff and the rest of the team decided to reward Betty with ‘the highest honour [they] can give in the weather department’ – her own lower-third graphic which labelled her as ‘Betty the weather cat’.

Weatherman's Needy Cat Interrupts Broadcast As He Works From HomeJeff Lyons - 14 News/Facebook

Jeff and Betty have since made a number of appearances together as co-presenters, though the weatherman admitted he had to bribe the cat to take part.

Sharing one of his broadcasts on Facebook, Jeff wrote:

Co-Weathering with Betty. Two hams on the screen and a little ham on my fingers made it work…at least for awhile. Why do I get the feeling I’m performing tricks for the cat instead of the other way around ?

Here’s hoping future at-home news coverage consists of more cats like Betty than it does nudity.

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