Cameron Diaz ‘Looks Ten Years Younger’ In Make-Up Free Selfie

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Everyone remembers Cameron Diaz in her heyday: her roles in The Mask, Charlie’s Angels, and The Sweetest Thing cemented her as a film idol.

Sadly, society’s beauty standards encourage women to try and maintain the youth of their early 20s, instead of embracing the ageing process.

In line with this, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore fans have commended the pair for maintaining their youth, in a no make-up selfie posted on Barrymore’s Instagram page.

Here’s the nostalgic Charlie’s Angels trailer from 2000:

Diaz was 28 when the first Charlie’s Angels was filmed in 2000, while Drew Barrymore was 25, and they’re now 45 and 43.

The two of them are still close friends and recently posed for a selfie where neither of them were wearing make-up – just sun cream.

Many commenters said the pair looked ten years younger than their age, commending them for their natural look and embracing the ageing process.

One said:

Today, still two of my favourite actress of all time! I’m 45. I love my age, no filters ladies. You don’t need them when you love who you are instead of who you think you should be.

#nomakeup #nofilter #oldschoolsisters #playdate #dayoff #friday #SUNSCREENALWAYS

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Diaz, who brought out a book on ageing called The Longevity Book: The Science of Ageing, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time, has a very laid-back approach to the ageing process.

She said on ABC‘s Good Morning America:

As we get older, there are phases of life that we enter into and I was entering the phase of 40.

I started getting a lot of questions about, ‘Are you scared to turn 40?’ and I started asking myself, ‘Why should I be afraid of turning 40?’.

I realized people were afraid of aging because they just didn’t understand it. And I was like, what is ageing?

How do you age well if you don’t understand what that is? What this book is for is to help women take responsibility for their body… because aging is a decline.

Naturally, that’s what that is, it’s a decline. And if you don’t get ahead of that, if you don’t what to expect and how to make sure that you get ahead of it, then what happens is you become sickly, and old, and broken, instead of being full of life until the end of it.

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Another commenter on the image said:

I think you have both got more beautiful with age! Stunning.

Diaz explained the five pillars of ageing:

There are five pillars of well-being. It’s good nutrition, movement of the body, good night’s sleep [and] rest, stress release, and meaningful, connected, loving relationships.

One of the parts of research that I thought was really interesting is that people who accept ageing actually age better.

You actually put up to six years more onto your life when you accept that you are ageing. Once you embrace something, it’s a mindset, right? So the body follows the mind in anything.

So there you have it, just accept your decline!

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