Campus Police Warn Students Of Woman Trying To Get Her Son A Date

by : Emily Brown on : 09 Feb 2019 20:55
Police warn students of mum asking for date for her sonPolice warn students of mum asking for date for her sonTowson University Police

We’ve all heard of a wingman; someone who talks up and introduces their eligible friend to a potential new partner in the hope sparks will fly. 


Some prime examples of wingmen in TV shows include Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, who opts for the classic ‘Hi, have you met Ted?’ as a way of breaking the ice for his hesitant pal.

There’s also Ryan Gosling’s character in the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, who helps out Steve Carrell’s unconfident character with women after the demise of his marriage.

Crazy Stupid Love Gosling CarrellCrazy Stupid Love Gosling CarrellWarner Bros.

The common denominator between these examples is, the wingman’s usually a friend.


They could also be a sibling, but that’s probably as close as they should be; any more and it could get awkward.

However, a mother in Maryland, US, obviously didn’t think there was an issue in helping her son find love. Let’s call her the wing-mum.

The unnamed woman was spotted on the campus of Towson University last week, approaching students and asking them if they wanted to date her son.

It’s unclear whether the boy is even a student at the school, or whether his mum just thought it’d be the best place to find people worthy enough to have a relationship with her precious child.

According to the Baltimore Sun, as reported by CBS Baltimore, the determined woman spoke to several students on campus, and showed them a picture of her son on her mobile phone.

Mum trying to find date for sonMum trying to find date for sonTowson University Police

If the boy is a student at Towson University, I’m sure he’d have been horrified to spot his mother waving his picture around in hope someone would fall for him.


While the woman probably thought she was doing him a favour, unfortunately approaching students and trying to wing-mum her way to victory actually qualifies as harassment, so the campus police released images of her from CCTV and are encouraging students to keep an eye out.

The officials have said the mother isn’t facing criminal charges, but they’re hoping to speak to her so they can put an end to the harassment.

It’s unclear whether the mum was successful in finding someone interested in her son, but I’m sure he’ll manage just fine without her help. In fact, he’ll probably manage much better.

Wing-mums, take note – your children don’t need you to be a match-maker.

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    Towson University Police Warn Students Of Woman Looking For A Date For Her Son