Can You Complete This GCSE Science And Maths Quiz?


When I woke up this morning in a mildly blurry haze I did not think that come 2pm I’d be taking a GCSE maths and science paper.

Back in the day, circa 2013, when I would float through school corridors, getting my achievement card signed, maths and science were two of the banes of my life.

To be honest – I didn’t hate school but maths and science were certainly two of the subjects I was least interested in. I couldn’t care for a long drawn out formula that would result in no more than a boring fact at the end of it all.

I preferred the sort of questions that resulted in no answers. Just more beffudlement.


Ever since the dawn of time folk have complained that GCSE’s are getting easier and easier resulting in generations of braindead fuckwits. But is it true?

Below you will find a selection of questions from maths and science GCSEs from 2015.

If you’ve got a few minutes on your hands and fancy taking a soul destroying stroll down memory lane – then go ahead and give it ago.

Let us know how you got one in the comments.

Good luck to all the students taking your exams in the next few weeks. And remember, most of them wont matter in the long run – and no, your employers in six years won’t look at your GCSE results.