Can You Guess Why This Woman Jumped Into A Freezing Lake?

People's Daily/Facebook

Was it a drowning child? A struggling dog? Did she drop her wedding ring? Nope, it’s none of the above.

In a selfless act of ill advised ‘bravery,’ the woman was actually diving into the cold water to retrieve her iPhone 5.

The unnamed Chinese woman jumped into the two-metre deep Longtan lake in Beijing and, according to People’s Daily, she didn’t waste a moment, channeling the classic opening scenes from Baywatch as she dived in fully clothed with no regard for her own wellbeing.

People's Daily/Facebook

The water must have been pretty chilly too, as the temperature on the day of the incident was reported to range between -2 and 9 degrees Celsius.

The story was posted to Facebook and many people have questioned the woman’s actions after the pictures went viral.

One commenter on Facebook wrote: “Life is valueless but phone is asset.” While another said: “Mad, if iPhone goes she can buy [a] new one. If [her] life is gone what [can] she do?”

People's Daily/Facebook

Not to mention the fact that the phone would have almost certainly been completely fucked having spent time submerged in a lake.

Last week, another Chinese woman made headlines after she jumped into an icy lake in Guizhou to save a boy that was drowning.

However, while her actions made international headlines and won her praise worldwide, it’s safe to say the same can’t really be said for this woman.