Can You Spot What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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The internet is full of weird and wonderful photos and the best ones always seem to be when they’ve been snapped by accident.

Whether it’s animals being caught on camera, naked humans lurking in the background, or celebrity doppelgangers, cue another one, this time from down under.

One family, from Australia, have had the picture of their home go viral.

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The family, from Melbourne, have advertised their home for sale but the professional pictures have captured something rather amusing.

In the website photos of the property, their kitchen has caught a certain 3-year-old family member peering from behind the door frame.

Henry, who is the son of Jenny McAdam told

I don’t understand how he did it because I swear I was with him trying to keep him out of the way the whole time.

I think the photographer was completely unaware that Henry was there.

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The photos were posted on Bell Real Estate’s website and Jenny continued:

We were huddling in the laundry room locking him in, even the real estate agent was helping me keep him out of the shots.

I just don’t understand it because he usually refuses to have his photo taken – if I try and take his photo he’s like ‘No, no photos.

But, he loves doing whatever he’s told not to do, so I guess that’s why he was so keen to get out of the laundry and see what the photographer was up to, he’s very curious and he’s a bit of a show pony.

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It’s fair to say that young Henry is pleased with his cheeky actions.

According to reports, Jenny said:

We showed him the photo and pointed out that he was in it and he just smiled and said ‘yes, that’s me’.

I am literally obsessed with this kid who snuck into his family's professional 'house for sale' photo shoot.

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Fair play Henry – that’s definitely one way to get yourself noticed!