Candyman Reveals Real Reason ‘Girlfriends’ Have Matching Tattoos On Their Bums


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s a tough time for those of us navigating relationships/situationships.

Do you buy a card for someone you’ve only been on four dates with? And can said card have hearts on it or should you keep things jokey?

The plot thickens with established couples. For example, how do you purchase a gift which is simultaneously quirky, personal and relationship-length appropriate?

Pity then the trials of tobacco tycoon Travers Beynon, aka ‘Candyman’, who will surely be making multiple stops for service station flowers this February 14.

The 45-year-old Aussie Casanova reportedly has multiple girlfriends, all who fortunately share a fondness for skimpy bikinis.

FreeChoice heir Candyman claims to romp with four women per night, including his wife Taesha Beynon.

Discussing the bedroom logistics with Ocean Road Magazine, Travers revealed:

I go to bed and that’s another hurdle. When you’ve got one girl, that’s one thing. When there’s multiple, there’s so much going on in my mind.

In bed, there’s four girls as an average. I often don’t get much sleep. What I’m like in business, life or sport, I’m like that in bed.

They love my imagination and my creativity. You need that when you’ve got multiple girls. I think I come up with a new position every week. Bedroom time isn’t for me; it’s to stimulate the girls. To be good in bed it’s not about you.


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Instagram King Travers has now come under fire for posting pictures of two of his girlfriends; sans clobber and with his company logo inked upon their bare rumps.

Some people criticised Candyman for being sexist, viewing the tattoos as a mark of ownership; kind of like the women were pieces of his office stationary rather than actual human beings.

One person said, ‘This guys just so weird, he made these girls get a tattoo of his company freechoice like he own these girls.’

However, as dehumanising as these tats may at first seem, it appears there is method within the megalomania…


The ink is really a clever marketing tactic, albeit one which is unlikely to go down well at your place of work.

Characteristically unperturbed by criticism, Candyman announced a competition which would grant the first forty individuals to tattoo themselves with the FreeChoice logo a rare opportunity.

These forty hardcore fans (comprised of 30 females and 10 males) would get the chance to fly to Australia – completely free – to enjoy themselves at one of his notorious Gatsby-esque parties.


Travers has an enormous fanbase worldwide, with many of his more devout disciples willing to mutilate themselves in a creative number of ways for the chance to boogie on down at the Candy Shop Mansion.

Kind of like the panicked rush for the golden ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the pressure is on for fans to sear their devotion onto their very flesh.

One fan from India even made a video of him tattooing the corporate trademark onto his own skin. Seriously, if anyone deserves a few complimentary drinks of champagne, its this guy…


Good luck and God speed fearless competitors. May your dreams of nude bottoms be ever in your favour.