‘Captain America’ Was Held At Gunpoint For Breaking Into Man’s Shed At 3AM

Captain America robs shedClarksdale Police Department

A man dressed in a Captain America costume was arrested after allegedly getting caught breaking into a man’s shed.

David Hobbs, 36, was held at gunpoint by the owner who claimed to find the wannabe superhero using a pipe to break into a shed at the rear of his property in the city of Clarksdale, Mississippi.

It’s believed the 36-year-old was caught after triggering an alarm while exiting the property and heading towards the shed on the 1500 block of Lee Drive.

Captain america robs shedClarksdale Police Department

The homeowner alerted the police, with officers arriving at the scene just after 3am on Tuesday (September 10), where they found the homeowner holding Hobbs at gunpoint, WLBT News reports.

For reasons known only to the alleged perpetrator, he was wearing a Captain America costume complete with a mask and fairy wings, as per The Smoking Gun.

In photographs released by Clarksdale Police Department, Hobbs can be seen sitting handcuffed to a bench while wearing the Marvel superhero outfit, his mask perched on top of his head with his hands behind his back.

The 36-year-old was later pictured standing against a wall while posing for a mugshot without his mask, but still dressed head-to-toe in his blue, white and red costume.

Captain america mugshotClarksdale Police Department

According to WCJB-TV, the man police say Hobbs tried to steal from is a former Marine corrections officer. Although he didn’t want to give his name or do an interview, he confirmed that he grabbed his gun and held the alleged burglar on his property until police arrived.

Those in the surrounding area didn’t know what to make of the situation, with one neighbour saying he was just thankful the police arrived when they did.

The neighbour told the television station:

It’s just crazy, you know. You come out at that time in the morning and someone’s prowling around on your property. You know, you’ve got a family you’re trying to protect. It’s a good thing the guy got caught before anything tragic, you know, anything happened.

Meanwhile Hobbs, who the Mississippi Department of Corrections confirmed is already on probation for a grand larceny conviction, was taken into custody and was expected to appear in Clarksdale municipal court on Tuesday on a burglary charge.

Clarksdale municipal courtGoogle Maps

Hobbs remains in the Coahoma County jail on $25,000 bond for burglary charges, Clarksdale police confirmed.

Hopefully next time someone dons the Captain America costume it will be put to good use, instead of acting as a disguise to commit crime.

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