Car Crash Victim’s Day Gets Way Worse As Girlfriend And Mistress Visit Hospital

by : Francesca Donovan on : 20 Apr 2017 06:28

This guy thought his day couldn’t get any worse after he was involved in a car crash that left him hospitalised…


He was wrong. Lying in a hospital bed, preparing for his second surgery, the young man was confronted with a lot of tender loving care.

In hindsight, the TLC was too much and came all at once, as both his girlfriend and his mistress arrived at the hospital at the same time.


Just moments before, the young unidentified male was thankful to have his life, writing:


Crazy how a N***a hate so bad tryed take me out and from da people who love me the most

Doctors even told me I’m lucky as far as me being here and losing both my legs thankfully both are back and in good condition cold world and I was dolo when it happen but thank god for neither but I’m still here God ain’t through with me yet I’m still here for a reason

going into this 2nd surgery with high positive hopes it ain’t over I’ll be back out there getting to a bag and doin me preciate all da love and support for the ones who was here and still is on my road to recovery

But when his girlfriend and ‘side chick’ showed up to comfort him a confrontation so volatile ensued, you can bet the car crash survivor was practically begging to be wheeled out into the operating theatre.

The footage of the two women’s face-off has been shared to Intagram by timtboe.

You can watch it below:


Amid threats to call security, a woman identified as Kayla is escorted from the room as she screams, ‘He was with me last night’

Stunned medical staff watch on as they attempt to treat the young Lothario as, understandably, his ‘heart rate goes up’.


I’m not sure this guy is going to be able to milk his injuries as much as he might’ve hoped after this unhappy incident.

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