CCTV Captures Moment ‘Poltergeist’ Terrifies Shop Worker


CCTV footage caught the moment a shop worker appeared to run away amid ghostly activities in their store.

The video was posted to YouTube page Petrifying Occurences last week, and shows the lone employee making his way through the aisles and taking a look around, as if he’d been disturbed by something.

As soon as he turned the corner to check out the scene, something fell from one of the shelves, and although it could have just been a poorly stocked item, the employee was having none of it.

Rather than clean up the aisle, he decided to make a run for it:

While the first product falling from the shelf doesn’t appear to be a truly blood-curdling situation, we have to remember that we don’t really know the context surrounding this video.

There could have been rumblings of hauntings in the past, or the employee could have been the one to stack the shelf, and been so confident in his skills that he knew there was no way one of the items could have fallen off of its own accord.

Either way, it was enough to encourage his swift exit.

After the worker made a run for it, a few more supernatural things started to happen. Another product fell from the same shelf, and one of the fridge doors opened by itself.

However, nothing appears to have been taken from the fridge, so this poltergeist was obviously just in it for the mischief.

I’ll be the first to say, this video doesn’t exactly prove the existence of ghosts. The happenings could just be part of a prank, involving someone with a bit of invisible wire and too much time on their hands.

But you never know, so I’ll keep an open mind.

The video was shared to Reddit, where many users commented on the supernatural scenes.

One person seemed to dismiss the possibility of a ghost altogether, writing:

This is pretty neat. I am curious about a few things… I wonder why the guy at the beginning leaves despite a bag falling down.

Also, what would cause the door of the fridge to open like that? I wonder if someone was working in the back.

Though another appeared to think the strange occurrences were definitely caused by a ghostly presence:

I think that dude was freaked out and ran back to the office/till. I know I wouldn’t have the balls to stick around and clean up after a ghost.

What do you think of the video?

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