Charity Rents Out Donald Trump’s Childhood Home To Refugees

Oxfam America

A charity has gone and rented the childhood home of Donald Trump in order to house refugees.

Oxfam took the reigns over the five-bedroom Tudor style house in Queens, New York, by way of Airbnb.

The new residents. Four people who have made a new home in the States after fleeing Syria, Vietnam and Somalia respectively.

There’s even a brand spanking new ‘Refugees Welcome’ doormat to welcome guests.

Watch as the group share their thoughts on what the ‘American Dream’ constitutes. 

President Trump lived in the property until he has 4-years-old.

The move comes after Trump made an order to ban refugees and people from a select list of Muslim countries from entering the U.S.

Oxfam wrote on its website:

It has never been more important for Americans to use their vice to let their government know that refugees are welcome here.

A cornerstone of the founding values of the U.S was to offer oppressed people refuge from the violence and persecution. Now as Americans we must open our minds, hearts and communities to vulnerable refugees who are seeking a safe place to call home.

So say us all!