Cheating Woman Brutally Ruins Marriage On Live TV To Win Cash Prize


Footage has gone viral again revealing the brutal moment a woman wrecks her own marriage live on a game show. 

The woman, who was a guest on the US game show Moment of Truth, was asked some awkward questions concerning her relationship, to which she had to answer with true or false.

She didn’t seem to hesitate before answering the questions, stooping to a whole new level of  brutal honesty.

The woman claimed that she wasn’t bothered at all about the cash involved, instead wanting to use the show as a counselling forum for her turbulent relationship.

She said:

I’m not concerned about the money, I just want to get things off my chest.

Throughout the course of the disturbing programme, she casually reveals all sorts of secrets about her marriage, including the fact that she was in love with someone else on her wedding day…

She even admitted to removing her wedding ring to pretend she’s single and dropped the bombshell that she’d cheated on her husband whilst they were married, the Daily Star reports.

Her shocked husband responded merely with ‘there’s really nothing else I can hear,’ whilst his wife continued to rack up the prize money with her ‘honest’ answers.


In a hilarious and savage twist, she trips up on the last question which is, ‘do you think you’re a good person?’

In a crushing blow, she replies with ‘Honestly I think I am a good person,’ to which the lie detector reveals that her answer is ‘false.’

Despite her admitting to all sorts of atrocities in front of her husband, because of her wrong answer at the end, she can’t even make off with the money.

Here’s the full footage of her cringe-worthy confessions:

This is beyond brutal.

Whilst we won’t know for sure whether she lost the money and her husband, we can certainly hazard a good guess…