Cheating Woman Gets Nasty Surprise When Boyfriend Proposes To Her

by : George Pavlou on : 01 Apr 2017 19:36

This woman got the surprise of her life when her boyfriend got down on one knee to ask her for her hand in marriage.

Little did she know that her boyfriend knew she’d been cheating on him and decided to enlist the help of her other lover to humiliate her.


Check out the whole awkward thing below:

The boyfriend approaches her and she looks pleased to see him as they exchange hugs and have a chat. Then he lowers down on to one knee and all of the woman’s co-workers begin cheering.

However, the man filming points out that something will happen when he grabs her hand and that’s when the side-guy comes in but not before a short delay.


The door opens, the other guy walks in and he shouts at her, “You had two good men! Two good f***ing men! You f***ed it up!”


The woman backs away embarrassed before leaving as the two men reveal to the shocked crowd that she’d been seeing both men for months and one of them had even bought her a car.

Don’t cheat, kids. Only bad things come from cheating.


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