Check This Little Guy’s Reaction To Finally Getting Adopted


Michael Brown has become the official face of happiness, just in time for Christmas.

The little lad’s adoption was confirmed on Tuesday, and the celebration photos could melt the heart of Katie Hopkins in the middle of an Arctic storm (disclaimer: we have no evidence Katie Hopkins has a heart).

Check it out:

Adoptive sister Dezhianna shared the snaps online and was promptly retweeted 50,000 times as the world fell in love with their family.

The Brown’s were Michaels third, and final, foster family, and he has been with them since February 2015 but his character has changed a lot.

When he first joined them Michael was a shy kid who was apparently prone to crying, but that seems a distant memory now.

Dezhianna told BuzzFeed News:

His last name was already Brown so we knew it was meant to be…He’s a lot more outgoing now and you can now see the personality in him. Now when he sleeps with me, he’ll roll over in the morning and get super close to my face and say, ‘Dae, I so happy.’

He was so excited on the day. I don’t think he truly understood what being adopted meant. He just knew he was being adopted.

Twitter struggled to hold back the tears…

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That was exactly the type of story 2016 needed.

Merry Christmas to Michael and all of his family!