Childcare Centre Encourages Parents To Ask Babies Permission Before Changing Them

by : Julia Banim on : 29 Jun 2021 12:07
Childcare Centre Encourages Parents To Ask Babies Permission Before Changing ThemShutterstock

A chain of childcare centres in Australia is encouraging parents to ask their babies for permission before changing their nappies.

Only About Children, which operates more than 75 centres in the cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, is now advising parents how to carry out a ‘respectful nappy change.’


This advice includes continuing to ask ‘for cooperation’ while at the same time encouraging a child’s sense of ‘independence’.

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According to the advice, published by 7News, parents should consider changes from a baby’s perspective:

If you were a baby, how would you like to have your nappy changed? The most significant thing about a nappy change is not the new nappy. It’s the good feelings shared between baby and parent. It’s the relationship.


The centre has also encouraged parents to remain open-minded, to give their undivided attention and not interrupt their toddlers during play:

When toddlers become mobile, nappy changing may look quite different! Continue to ask for cooperation but understand that your toddler may wish to now stand for their nappy change.

Also encourage their independence, you may ask him to take off his own nappy or wipe himself. Wait for a gap in their playing before starting the nappy changing process.

You may wish to give your toddler some autonomy and ask ‘Would you like to walk to the change table or should I carry you?’

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National education manager Angela Ngavaine said members of staff ‘involve’ babies and toddlers in the nappy changing process, MailOnline reports, making sure to ask them, ‘Are you ready for a nappy change?’


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