China Accidentally Convinced Everyone The Annabelle Doll Had Escaped Her Museum

by : Julia Banim on : 15 Aug 2020 15:53
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I’m usually pretty okay with horror movies, but there is something about the Annabelle films that really get under my skin.

So when I heard tell that the real life Annabelle doll had escaped from her museum, I couldn’t help but give a little shudder before pulling myself firmly together.

Yep. In news no one needs right about now, an unfortunate mistranslation in Chinese news sources has caused mass panic, leading people to believe that the demonic doll had wandered away from the Warren Occult Museum in Connecticut to wreak havoc on the living.

Third Annabelle Film Coming Next YearThird Annabelle Film Coming Next YearWarner Bros. Pictures

The mix-up all began with a recent interview in The Hollywood Reporter with actor Annabelle Wallis.

Wallis – who horror fans will undoubtedly recall played terrorised newlywed Mia Form in Annabelle – ended up chatting about how she made Tom Cruise run on camera while filming The Mummy.

However, once translated into Chinese, her behind-the-scenes anecdote ended up changed beyond recognition into two words nobody wants to hear: ‘Annabelle escaped’.

AnnabelleAnnabelleWarner Bros. Pictures

Pretty soon, news of Annabelle’s apparent escape began trending on social media, with many world-weary individuals noting that this was only to be expected during what has been a universally horrific year all round.

Someone even edited Annabelle’s Wikipedia page, sparking further chills with the ‘update’ that she had was now apparently living her best life on the East Coast. Even those of us who kind of knew this was silly talk have found ourselves looking around a little nervously.

One worried person tweeted:


The Warrens both already passed away and they were the ones keeping Annabelle in their museum… so it would make sense for her to escape if no one is able to contain her.. y’all we’re fcked.

Another trembled:

2020 really ain’t the year for Annabelle to escape her f*cking cage.


As per Snopes, the Warren’s Occult Museum – where the real Annabelle was indeed once on display – closed down in 2018 due to zoning issues.


Rather than the ghoulish china fiend of the movies, IRL Annabelle is a red-haired plush Raggedy Ann Doll, said to have been once been possessed by a girl named Annabelle Higgins.

The creepy artefacts once on show at the museum are now said to be in the possession of the Warrrens’ son-in-law, Tony Spera. And, honestly, rather him that me.

Phew. Looks like it’s safe to switch off your nightlight tonight. Although, you might want to have a quick peek in your wardrobe first…

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