China Asks Cabin Crew To Wear Nappies To Help Reduce COVID-19 Risk

by : Daniel Richardson on : 11 Dec 2020 16:52
China Asks Cabin Crew To Wear Nappies To Help Reduce COVID-19 RiskShutterstock

The way we fly has changed because of the global coronavirus pandemic, but few would have thought that nappies would be introduced into flights.

However, this is the case in China, as the measure is apparently being introduced to reduce the risk of catching the virus. 


To stop the spread of COVID-19, China’s aviation regulator has recommended that cabin crews on planes do not use restrooms. Instead, the regulator recommends that cabin crew members wear disposable nappies, which will save them getting up and possibly spreading the virus on the flight. While the way flights are undertaken has changed this year, this is probably one of the most radical alterations to plane procedure.


The Civil Aviation Administration of China wrote the advice as part of its 49-page set of guidelines that were implemented to reduce the risk of COVID-19. However, it did note that not all flights necessarily need to get out the talcum powder upon arrival. Nappies should only be used on flights to and from areas where 500 in every one million people have coronavirus.

The the guidelines state:


It’s recommended that cabin crew wear disposable diapers and avoid using the lavatory unless in special circumstances to reduce the risk of infection.

The advice comes alongside many new guidelines for cabin crew employees. In the guidelines, there are notes on mental health practices, and it seems that the regulating authority is particularly conscious of the psychological impact of the pandemic.

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According to the Independent, the new guidelines note:


Efforts shall be made to have an understanding of the mental health conditions of front-line crew members.

Duty scheduling for international flights shall be made after giving full consideration to crew members’ psychological conditions, personality, current family life pressures, social support system and other circumstances.

Many industries are changing their practices because of the global pandemic, and it is changing the way people work and live. While the changes appear to be coming from the right place and ensuring the safety of front-line staff in numerous ways, some may find the practice of adult diapers slightly odd. With that said, if it does lower transmission rates it could be adopted more widely.

Trips to China are currently restricted, but if they ease, then countries with high infection rates like the United States may begin seeing cabin crew in adult diapers in the near future.

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