Chinese Woman Rents Boyfriend To Fool Parents And It’s Really Awkward


Renting a Fake BoyfriendShe’s 27 and still single. So Li Chenxi is renting a boyfriend.

Posted by AJ+ on Sunday, 28 August 2016

It’s no secret that people will go to extreme lengths to find love but you rarely hear of people going to desperate measures just to convince their parents they’ve found love.

However, in China, things are done a little differently, according to Mashable.

This is the moment a Chinese girl at the grand old age of 27 (yep, that’s deemed pretty old in China when it comes to love) paid for a rent-able boyfriend just so she could take him home to her worried parents and make them happy.


Li Chenxi’s parents are of the traditional sort, leading Li to become afraid of being typecast a ‘sheng yu,’ which simply means a ‘leftover woman’ in Chinese.

So to fool them into believing she had found her one true love and would thus be settled when it came to romance and, more likely, reproducing, she paid $150 and rented ‘Sean’ for the day.

Unfortunately for Li, her parents immediately saw through her extreme plot and claimed that Sean was simply ‘too young and good looking’ – Li can never win.


The fake duo put up a brave attempt to convince Li’s parents that they were legit but it all amounted to nothing when Li eventually owned up to the whole thing.

However, as the clip comes to a close, Li confesses that the failed attempt was unexpectedly a great way to tell her mum that she’s ‘really good in her life’.

Unfortunately though, there must be millions of young girls across the width and breadth of China who simply can’t escape the fear of being typecast as a ‘sheng yu’.

Hopefully, videos such as these will serve as a lesson to all those afraid.