Chris and Kem from Love Island Have Released A Track And It’s Absolutely Awful


Chris and Kem were the true romantic winners of this year’s Love Island and we saw more of their rapping ability than we bargained for during the show.

When the hit ITV show ended, we expected the two bromantics to fade into obscurity while trying to stay relevant with increasingly desperate tweets and Instagram posts.

But that was not to be, and Kem and Chris have returned to the limelight with a new tune, and it’s made it all the way to number one of the iTunes UK singles chart.


The track, titled Little Bit Leave It, is the most Chris and Kem thing ever and it’s absolutely terrible but I really do kind of love it.

As is to be expected with their colossal success, Kem and Chris are absolutely over the moon with their chart topping record.

Rumour has it that the duo had a touch of assistance in writing the track from grime artist and good pal Stormzy who even made a guest appearance on Love Island before they burst onto the scene with their talent competition rap.

The musical trio weren’t the only people involved in the tune, as it had its roots precisely in that talent competition from the end of Love Island.

Marcel wrote the beat of the tune, and even penned some of the bars for the track as well, so surely he has a writing credit on the tune even if he doesn’t get royalties.

He tweeted the boys congratulating them on their success.

He said:

@KemCetinay @chrishughes_22 I’m Proud of You man!! Big up #LittleBitLeaveIt

Check out the song here:

The song has proved so popular that after its drop on Monday it reached number one in just three hours. Kem shared the news on Twitter and tweeted saying ‘Support has been crazy’.

They are really riding a high right now after also smashing it with their new TV show Straight Outta Love Island. The show premiered on Sunday night, and it’s received rave reviews from fans.

The show’s official synopsis reads:

Britain’s best-loved bromance is back as Love Island’s popular duo Chris and Kem reunite for a musical journey of discovery, building towards their first ever live performance.

Things weren’t all rosy in the run-up to their gig, however, after Chris’ girlfriend from Love Island was seen to be putting Chris down.

She was moaning about Chris leaving wet towels on the floor, and not tidying up properly, as well as not being best pleased about not being the first to hear about his upcoming meeting with a music label.

Chris said:

It’s only been a few weeks but already she’s busting my balls.

Sounds like it could be material for a new track Chris, maybe you could even write a whole album about a difficult relationship like Adele did, there’d be no complaints here.

The second episode aired last night, and sounds even better than the first episode. In the ep, the dynamic duo head to LA for some tips on their upcoming headline Ministry of Sound gig.

We know what we’re watching tonight.