Chris Hemsworth Shares Photo Of His Mum And Fans Can’t Believe How Young She Looks

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Thor actor Chris Hemsworth has shared a photo of his mum and fans think she looks super young.


His dad wasn’t left out either, but it’s hardly a surprise – their three sons all have super genes.

Posting the photo of him and his parents, Leonie and Craig, from the stands at the Commonwealth Games, Chris’ followers were all too kind in the comments.


One wrote: ‘Wow! Thought your mum was a girl friend, looking so young!! Your father looking good too. Good spirit!’ [sic]


While another said:

Is that really your mom???? Omg STUNNING af [sic]

She was then referred to as ‘foxy’ when somebody added:

Mrs Hemsworth is foxy. Mr Hemsworth looks like a charmer in good shape. Good genes Thor. [sic]

Another fan said: ‘Mom and Dad are gorgeous! Mom definitely does not look old enough for children this age! Wow!’ [sic]

And: ‘Your mom is beautiful, not surprised she made gorgeous children.’ [sic]

Chris, who’s married to fellow actor Elsa Pataky, is the middle of three brothers, all of whom are actors – older brother Luke, and younger brother Liam.


Elsa was in the news last month after fighting off a metre-long snake in the bathroom of their family home.

The Spanish model and actor even posted to Instagram to document the whole thing, saying:

This is how I put her in the box. So professional!

Incredibly, the dangerous serpent ended up in a cardboard box through the use of a pole from a mop and some pretty expert balancing on the lid of the toilet seat.

Nicely done.

She even warded off the intruder in nothing but a bikini and a T-shirt, no protection whatsoever. Pretty badass.

The actress has previously admitted to keeping a pet snake in her bedroom.

Elsa Pataky/Instagram

She told Times of India last year:

I don’t mind the wild, people are like ‘You have a snake in your bedroom! And I’m like, ‘I know! I love it!’

Every morning I go to my horse barefoot and I clean out the stalls. My daughter asked me ‘Mumma, are we farmers now?’ and I was like, ‘Yes! We are farmers!’

She doesn’t admire anything about the movies, she’s just excited to be at home and being with the horses – giving them hay.


The couple really aren’t at all squeamish when it comes to creepy crawlies or things of that nature, and regularly share snaps of themselves among their animal mates. But that’s Australia for you.

Elsa uploaded a photo of her and a snake in her kitchen, captioning it:

My new house mate!! #Australia #wildlife #lovenature #snakes #vidasalvaje #wildlife #scarymoments #howwegethimout #donttouch #excited

Another appears on her Instagram page which shows Elsa casually cuddling up to a snake, with the caption: ‘Crocodile Dundee girl’:

I mean, I really do like all creatures but it’d take a lot for me to be ok with ushering one out of my house.

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