Church’s New Attempt To Bring Religion To Kids Is Cringey As F*ck


Christianity isn’t often famed with being in touch with modern culture, so naturally they want to try and connect with the ‘youth of today’ – no matter how awkward it may be.

And what are kids into these days apart from sitting at the back of the bus and playing their music too loud?

The answer is emojis of course, and with that the Bible Emoji was born.

It is a translation of the King James Bible but with many words replaced by emoji symbols – because character count was definitely the reason kids aren’t reading scripture en mass.

Bible Emoji

The Huffington Post report the creator of the latest edition translated each of the 66 books of the Bible using translation program ‘Lingo Jam’.

The translator, who wishes to be unnamed due to criticism online, released passages to gain feedback and revise the edition.

He told the Post:

It was like a public proofread. I’d tweet out the rough draft, get feedback from the Twitter community, then revise my program.

Bible Emoji

He added:

I hope that they view it as fun. I hope that it has people on both sides go and maybe look for themselves and what’s in the Bible and what it says.

The book has a lot of human history in it, a lot of really good things and also negative things. I hope it helps everyone on both sides of the argument to see it for what it is.

Bible Emoji

Reportedly it took six months to produce – and that is some effort, but the whole thing is a bit like your parents asking to do a Harlem Shake video.

Is there any harm? No. Is it how you’d want to spend an evening? Definitely not.

But if you are interested, the Bible Emoji will be made available on Sunday via iBooks.