Cleaner Finds £300,000 Cash On London Bus, Hands It To Police

by : Emily Brown on : 02 Mar 2019 13:56
Worker finds £300,000 on busWorker finds £300,000 on busWikimedia/Flickr

An honest citizen could have cleaned up when they found £300,000 cash on a London bus, but instead, decided to hand it over to the police.


The cleaner, whose identity hasn’t been disclosed, found the money in a brown envelope while cleaning the public bus, presumably after a forgetful passenger accidentally left it behind.

Rather than taking the money and running away to start a new life – an option I’m sure many of us would have considered if we were in the same situation – the worker chose to remain honest.

Though, in saying that, they could have actually discovered £400,000 and decided to pocket a chunk of it? We may never know.


Either way, they handed over the £300,000 to the Met Police, where it will hopefully be reunited with its owner – though I’m sure the authorities will have some questions about why the owner was wandering around London with £300,000 in cash.

As surprising as the find was, according to the Mirror, £300,000 cash isn’t the strangest discovery cleaning staff from Cordant Cleaners come across on the buses.

Employees in Leeds have discovered sex toys and soiled nappies, while Southampton buses were home to a positive pregnancy test and some vomit containing false teeth.

Horrifically, a poor worker in Glasgow stumbled upon a fresh animal heart tucked away under a seat. It sounds like a scene from a horror movie, rather than your average day at work.

Guy Pakenham, boss at Cordant Cleaners, spoke about the strange findings, saying:

More often than not I’m left shocked when my team tell me about the disgusting things they have to get rid of when cleaning buses up and down the UK.

But I can only praise their dedication and good humour.


He continued:

They don’t seem to be fazed by anything. Thankfully our staff are fully trained and equipped to deal with cleaning hazards like these.

But we can only urge passengers that next time they defecate on the floor of a bus, or throw up their own false teeth, please remember to take all of your items with you.

I think the cleaners deserved to split the £300,000 as a reward for all the awful things they’ve had to take care of!

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