Comb Nails Are The Latest Bizarre Fashion Trend For 2018

by : UNILAD on : 16 Jun 2018 19:44
Nail Sunny comb nailsNail Sunny comb nails@nail_sunny/Instagram

I’m not sure whether it’s age, or just a case of style and taste – maybe a combination of the two – but I honestly don’t get the trends of today’s youth.


One minute they’re zooming around on Segways and the next they’re covering their backsides in body glitter. The latest trend is as obscure as it gets. Allow me to introduce to you the nail comb.

This bizarre new fashion trend is just one in a long line of new nail art trends which is set to connect with the youth of today… apparently.

Started by Russian salon Nail Sunny, who you may know as the people responsible for the mini Kim Kardashian bum figure nail art. All I will say is it’s a choice style.


The comb nails were revealed in one of the salon’s tutorial videos, which showed the mini combs brushing through hair. According to Metro the nail extensions are created by drilling out the gaps for the teeth.

As a man with mid-length hair, I would imagine this to be impractical for someone like myself. However, if you have hair which flows like Arsenal Legend Emmanuel Petit, or Emilia Clarke then this might be the nail accessory for you.

Nail Sunny nail combNail Sunny nail comb@nail_sunny

If you think this or the Kim K nail art is outrageous, wait till you see their trademark ‘poop manicure’. Yup, you read it right they’ve made nail art based on the fun task of going number two and it’s as crude as you can imagine. It basically puts a mini figure of a butt which is about to expel some bodily waste. At least now you can truly say your nails are ‘the s***’.

They even have nail art which features a fake moustache. Not as gross as the poop manicure but it doesn’t make it any less strange.

In May this year, another trend was quickly catching on, known as ‘hip cleavage‘ – honestly, I couldn’t make this stuff up.

So you know about underboob and sideboob and even overboob? Yeah, all that stuff. Well, apparently the boobs have expanded to hips. And no we’re not talking about love handles.


Take Kylie Jenner, for example. Here she is sporting what people are calling hip cleavage.

Apparently her sister Kim is big on this hip cleavage thing as well.

You can thank Page Six for coining the term, writing:

As temperatures climb, so are the cuts of our favourite celebrities’ bathing suits, with stars like Bella Hadid opting for high-leg swimwear the cast of “Baywatch” would love. But are hipbones the new décolletage? You decide

You know, I miss the days when all I had to worry about was Pokémon cards and keeping my Tamagotchi alive.

Now I realise what’s ‘fashionable’ and what’s ‘unfashionable’ is subjective. We all fall into fashion pitfalls now and then. I myself have been guilty of making them. So if the idea of putting pointless accessories on your nails appeals to you, do it to your heart’s content.

After all, what do I know? I’m old.

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