Comedian Can’t Find Anyone With Medical Experience At Anti-Vax Rally


A comedian attended an anti-vaccination rally recently – not to join in, but to see if he could find anyone who knew what they were actually talking about. Disclaimer: he couldn’t.

The anti-vax movement – although it has been hovering in the background for quite some time now – has become a growing trend in recent years, primarily because there is a growing mistrust of vaccinations due to a mass of misinformation online.

Because of this misinformation, people are trusting vaccinations less and less and so are voluntarily failing to vaccinate their children (and even their pets in some cases).

Which is why Lewis Spears, a stand-up comedian from Australia, took it upon himself to really try and get into the minds of anti-vaxxers by getting down to basics with them.

In other words, the comedian attended an anti-vax rally to see if anyone had medical experience and actually knew what they were talking about.

As you can imagine, hilarity ensues and Spears ends up leaving the rally to calls of ‘f*ck off’ and people calling him a ‘d*ck’.

He didn’t care though; take a look at what happens below:

Explaining his motives towards the beginning of the video, Spears picks apart the claim by many anti-vaxxers that thousands of medical professionals agree with them that vaccines are unnecessary and dangerous.

The comedian states he attended the rally to see if he could find one of these so-called medical experts, implying he should be able to because the anti-vax rally is one of the biggest Australia has ever seen.

As Spears arrives at the rally, he says:

I’m at an anti-vaccine rally in Melbourne, and we’re here to ask one very important question: does anybody in this rally know what the f*ck they’re talking about?

Female nurse filling syringeGetty

Spears then proceeds to ask a range of people at the rally if they’re a doctor or a medical professional, to which everyone replies – you guessed it – with a short ‘no’.

The comedian continues to question one man, asking if he’s done his research regarding vaccinations and the man says he has. To this, Spears asks: ‘was that research part of like a six year doctorate degree or more just Google?’

As he continues to receive a repeated ‘no’ in response to his questioning, a tally on the bottom of the screen declares zero people are doctors, but more than 200 are ‘morons’.

The hilarious two-minute video ends with Spears shouting into the crowd and asking if anyone there is a doctor, to which he receives responses of ‘f*ck you’ and people calling him a ‘d*ck’.

The comedian then faces the camera and says:

No doctors at this rally. Shame. As you can see, not a single person here has any idea what the f*ck they’re talking about.

And that, my friends, is a great example of why you should vaccinate – if only so you don’t have to scream crappy insults at a comedian at a random rally somewhere.

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