Comedian Reveals Awkward Time He Checked On An Employee Who Repeatedly Used Toilet For 40 Minutes

by : Hannah Smith on : 31 Aug 2021 12:09
Comedian Reveals Awkward Time He Checked On An Employee Who Repeatedly Used Toilet For 40 Minutes@shanetoddcomedy/Instagram

A Northern Irish comedian has recalled a super-awkward toilet encounter with a former colleague, and to be honest it’s probably enough to make anyone leave their job.

Before taking up comedy, Shane Todd worked as a manager in a call centre, and part of his job was to check up on other employees.


As he explains on his podcast Tea With Me, there was one particular employee who was causing issues by taking extraordinarily long toilet breaks.

Shane Todd (@shanetoddcomedy/Instagram)@shanetoddcomedy/Instagram

‘This guy kept going missing for like 40 minutes at a time,’ Todd recalled in a clip posted to TikTok. ‘A fella came up to me and goes, ‘Listen, I need you to down and see what he’s doing, I think there’s something not right there’.’

Doing as he was told, Todd went down to the bathrooms, but rather than catching the employee talking on the phone or doing anything else that would explain the long breaks, he heard absolutely nothing.


After standing in the bathroom for five minutes, only able to see the employee’s feet in the cubicle, Todd decided to explore further. ‘I’m about to leave and then I think, maybe I’ll go down to the ground in a press up position…where I can see what’s happening on the ground,’ he says.


Unfortunately for Todd, the employee had cottoned on to the fact that there was someone else in the bathroom, and chose that moment to do the exact same thing, leading the pair to come face to face in the most awkward situation imaginable.

According to Todd, the employee gave an awkward ‘Alright mate?’ and they left it at that. It’s not clear whether they ever did get to the bottom of the 40-minute toilet breaks, but after that encounter, it was probably best not to ask.


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