Comet Photographed Streaking Across Night Sky Over Stonehenge

by : Cameron Frew on : 13 Jul 2020 11:00
Comet Photographed Streaking Across Night Sky Over StonehengeJeff Overs

A comet has been caught on camera soaring across the skies above Stonehenge in an absolutely breath-taking photo. 

Comet Neowise was first spotted back in March by the world’s stargazers, and recently it’s been photographed by folks in the UK as it flies past our planet.


It’s one of the few comets we’re able to see with the naked eye, and Jeff Overs, a BBC News stills photographer, managed to illustrate that perfectly. In a series of photos taken at Stonehenge, in Wiltshire, England, it’s clear as day.

Stonehenge Comet Photo Jeff Overs 2Jeff Overs

Overs described the moment as ‘astonishing’, explaining to BBC News that the conditions were perfect for snapping the comet. He’d ventured out the landmark in the early hours of the morning, finally landing the photos at around 2am.

Stonehenge Comet Photo Jeff Overs 3Jeff Overs

‘It was perfect conditions, clear and crisp and the comet was right above the stones. You can see it with the naked eye but it took me by surprise It did look spectacular. I won’t see another comet like that in my lifetime,’ he said.

Evidently, Comet Neowise is already incredibly near to Earth. However, it’s set to come closest on July 23, at which point it’ll be 64 million miles away. Throughout this month, the interplanetary iceberg will be visible across the Northern Hemisphere.

Stonehenge Comet Photo Jeff Overs 4Jeff Overs

Currently, it’s moving west, and as we cross over into the second half of the month the comet will be more visible in the north, lower in the sky. Eventually, it’ll float back into the void of space. Out of sight, but not out of mind.


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