Company Will Pay You To Drink Whisky And Travel The World


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I for one HATE job interviews!

Regardless of the horrendous nerves that overcome you when it’s a job you really want, you’ve got to remember to take time when answering, not to speak too fast, take notes in – but don’t look at them for too long, smile etc etc, the list goes on!

Well one company is about to change the game for interviews – and I for one salute you!

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Scottish whisky company Grant’s is looking for a global drinks ambassador and as part of the job interview, they want applicants to travel the world and  basically drink a lot of whisky.

I’ve got my ginger ale mixer ready now where do I sign up!

Three lucky candidates will be chosen after initial rounds of interviews and be sent to three places each in October – one to Poland, Israel, and India, one to South Africa, the Nordics, and Colombia, and another to Russia, Taiwan, and France.

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Once there, candidates will head around the countries encouraging people to drink whisky… basically by drinking whisky and organising big whisky-drinking events.

But hold your horses, to get to that stage, applicants will need to pass two rounds of interviews first.

The first is social media based where Grants will ask people to create a drink containing three ingredients (one of which needs to be their own), and then share it on Instagram with the hashtag #GrantsInterview.

From that round, they will select 250 people who they like the look of and send them an application form.

From the application forms Grants will narrow down the 250 to just 20, who’ll then be taken to the original distillery in Dufftown, for a mixer event.

These 20 people will get two nights at a hotel, so even getting to this point has pretty good perks, and here, will be set challenges to see how they’d perform in the job – I’m sold!

After that event, three finalists will be chosen – and they’ll be the ones sent around the world to drink whisky, with the best candidate finally being selected as the brand’s official global drinks ambassador.

That role will include being sent on another round-the-world trip where you’ll represent the brand and promote the drink, no doubt spending your days schmoozing with bar managers and staring into the bottom of an empty glass!

Sounds like an episode straight from The Apprentice!


If you fancy applying, you’ve got until 31 August.

Oh, and if my boss is reading this, it’s okay, I have all the career fulfillment I could possibly need!…