Conor McGregor And Mike Tyson Ended Feud By Smoking Weed Together

by : Emily Brown on : 06 Nov 2018 14:22
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Conor McGregor and Mike Tyson have buried the hatchet by lighting up some of Tyson’s home-grown weed. 


The former boxer and the MMA artist’s strained relationship seemed to begin back in 2017, when Tyson criticised McGregor ahead of his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather.

In an interview on the podcast Pardon My Take, the former heavyweight champion said:

McGregor is going to get killed boxing.

I got mad because I thought they were going to use MMA rules against boxing because that’s what it’s all about: can the boxer beat the MMA guy?


Tyson continued:

[McGregor] put his dumb ass in a position where he’s gonna get knocked out because this guy’s been doing this all his life since he was a baby.

[McGregor] can’t kick and grab and stuff … He’s not going to stand much of a chance.

The Irish MMA fighter wasted no time in hitting back at Tyson, indicating he was going to prove wrong anyone who doubted him.

He shared a post on Instagram, writing:

You are all going to eat your words for the rest of your days, while I eat lobster for the rest of mine.

Of course, McGregor didn’t win his fight against Mayweather, but that’s not the point. He didn’t get killed, like Tyson had predicted, so he technically did prove the boxer wrong.


Anyway, despite the pair’s rough past, they appear to have found common ground in the form of weed. It was probably a good solution; they’d have been much too chilled out to start a fight.

McGregor popped by to see Tyson, who was in Dublin for his ‘An Evening With Mike Tyson’ event on Saturday (November 3), and Tyson just so happened to have some of his homegrown produce with him.

The 52-year-old grows his own strain of the drug, called KO Kush, on his 40-acre cannabis ranch in California, where the substance is legal.

The MMA fighter posted a picture of Tyson enjoying the marijuana and shared a lengthy post with some kind words about both Tyson and KO Kush:

Emphasising they were over their feud, McGregor wrote:

I went to see Mike Tyson last night in the Helix, Dublin, Ireland. I love and respect Mike Tyson.

You spoke some things about me in the past which I did not like and I was happy to speak to you face to face, put it to bed and have some fun.

Your Marijuana strain that you grow on your own ranch “KO Kush” is really nice. It was an honour to taste it and I wish you and your team all the best with this endeavour. [sic]

Tyson’s weed obviously left McGregor feeling nice and bubbly as he shared another picture, this time of himself smoking, writing:

Some giggle off that Cherry Pick Kush.


Tyson looked like he was just focused on getting his next drag:

Imagine being involved in that situation; hanging out with McGregor and Tyson smoking weed. It’d be like a scene out of The Hangover – Tyson and all.

I’m just curious about how he managed to get the weed through customs when he arrived into Ireland?

Tyson reposted McGregor’s photo, so it seems like the pair are both on the same page with their reconciliation. At least they found a solution to their problems – even if it was a little hazy.

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